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Makeup Artist Melbourne Sara Morrison

Sara Morrison is a professional Makeup artist with over 20 years of industry experience. Sara is the proud owner of Makeup HQ, a boutique beauty studio situated in the heart of Brunswick. With a strong passion for teaching, Sara wants to ensure that the next generation of makeup artists experience an all-encompassing beauty education.

Sara aims in her teaching to instil a strong passion in her students for all things hair and makeup. Most importantly, Sara believes that attention to detail is the key to creating the most stunning but natural looks, suitable for every occasion and every face.

Furthermore, Sara believes that beautiful, glowing skin is the best base of every successful makeup look, and will instruct you on to achieve this.

Sara is extremely passionate about her students/clients and loves nothing more than seeing her students flourish and progress throughout their course from beginners into successful makeup artists. “it's all about the client and my students. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students face light up when they see what they have created in the studio”


Her long list of credits include, TV Week Logies, Australian Idol Maybelline team, Melbourne Grand Prix, Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, Brownlow Medal, Fashion week, NAB, Combank, Spirit of Tasmania, Etihad Medallion Club, Target, McDonalds, Bulla, YAK, Peter Alexander, Dotti, McDonalds, Bulla, and many more. 


Cynthia’s career as a hair and makeup artist started over 25 years ago as a makeup students where she fell in love with the art of applying make up.

She has worked with some of the  leading makeup companies spending a majority of her training with MAC cosmetics, where she worked and trained with amazing artists from all over the world.

Cynthia has extensive experience in all area’s of make up and hairstyling  from fashion, editorial, advertising, and photographic.

Her credits consists of runway shows as part of Melbourne's fashion week, catalogues, beauty editorials, TV personalities, celebraties, and magazine and the list goes on.

 Along with her long list of fashion credentials, Cynthia  also runs a successful freelance bridal business, and has created beautiful looks for clients such as; Peter Alexander, JJ’s, hunk, polaroid, NAB, Australia Post, Combank, ANZ, Tuppaware, Jacqui-E, Portmans, Dotti’s, Vanbercken jewellery, metro train and many more.

Cynthia thoroughly enjoys teaching students her passion of hair and makeup  which is seen in the classroom.



Cynthia Smyth is a rising star in the Australian makeup and beauty industry due to her bold creativity and passion for her craft.

Already an accomplished makeup artist of 6 years, who brings polish and professionalism to her work, Cynthia is adept in all areas of makeup application and technique including bridal, editorial, runway and airbrush.


Cynthia has extensive editorial and photography experience working with clients such as : 

Health & Fitness magazine, eat bathe live, Mariana Hardwick, and many more.  

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